The Museum of the World

Branding, Website

The brief

Google Cultural Institute and The British Museum asked us to create an interactive experience that allowed visitors who couldn’t make it to the museum to experience some of the world’s most important and historical objects and learn how they are connected to each other.


What we created

The Museum of the World – an interactive experience through time, continents and cultures, featuring some of the most fascinating objects in human history. Users can select a time-period and a continent and then explore artifacts in a way that was previously unavailable.

The cool stuff

Using advanced WebGL (Web Graphics Library) technology and the Conteful API we created a way of displaying nodes and objects in three dimensions, across 2 million years of data. The site was underpinned with a Python/Appengine infrastructure.

The results

The website was launched globally to huge critical and public acclaim. Universities and Institutes around the world have been inspired by a fresh take on how to experience collections online.