Google – Growth Engine

Exhibition, Installation
Google is a Growth Engine for Europe

The web is at the heart of economic growth and Google have been investing in helping businesses, entrepreneurs, non profits, developers, creators, cultural organisations and students succeed online. Google have now doubled their pledge to train a total of 2M people in digital skills by the end of 2016 and are working to bring their current programmes to new markets across Europe.

The brief

WEIR+WONG were asked to create an interactive kiosk that showed off the volume of business success stories that they had been a part of from all over Europe.

What we created

Working alongside Set-Live, we created an 85″ interactive touch screen experience. Users were able to scroll through and watch hundreds of inspiring videos, displayed in 4k resolution.

The results

In 2016, across a variety of conferences in Europe, thousands of users interacted with the kiosk and were inspired to sign up to the Growth Engine program. The project was extremely well received and the kiosk now resides in the reception of Google’s head office in London.