Branding, Mobile, Website

Custom is our start-up that we founded in 2014. We’d spotted a set of common problems that consumers were having when shopping online, and decided to create a product that addressed those.

The problem

The main problem consumers face when trying to discover, search for or buy fashion online is that they get the same answers to the same questions, regardless of their personal taste, size, budget or location.

It is time-consuming and inefficient to find what you’re looking for.

What we created

Custom.cm is a search engine that gives increasingly relevant suggestions for fashion.  For every person and every search, you only see items in your size and style available to buy right now. Custom taps into your emotions.

The cool stuff

Why and how you shop depends on many factors. Custom helps you find more relevant choices by combining what you WANT (your search query) + what you LOVE (your brand and product preferences) + what you DO (your search behaviour)


People respond better to simple choices, so we made sure that Custom.cm lets people see the details that are important to them straight away.

The results

Custom is already proving that we are removing barriers to through the path to purchase. Our results are more relevant than many of our competitors and this is proven by the fact that people click through to a product suggestion on 50% of all searches, and signed up users who set brand and product preferences click through 3 times more than the industry average.