Christian Aid – Poverty Over

The Brief

To create an interactive infographic that showed the history of poverty, illustrating that over the last two hundred years many countries have come out of poverty and have entered prosperous periods of development. Hopefully by showing that many countries can leave poverty behind, it will inspire others to invest in and develop the world’s remaining poor countries.

What we created

The website was produced in collaboration with BMB in London and for Christian Aid – check out povertyover.christianaid.org.uk.

For WEIR+WONG the challenge was to tell a compelling story using numbers as a starting point. We set out to visually interpret a set of data with 500 years worth of poverty level records for 285 countries. Our team of designers, developers and animators came up with something which is genuinely compelling to look at, showing us a history of the world’s poverty and allowing us to delve deeper into the data.

We really enjoyed working on this project and hope that you enjoy exploring this resource. The development process was extremely challenging and involved lots of collaboration from technologists, animators and developers in order to achieve this result.