An Absolute Shocker

Event, Installation

The brief

WEIR+WONG partnered with Brave Bison to create a tournament experience for charity, where spectators were invited to play a role in the outcome of the match. The primary objective was to raise money for  Teenage Cancer Trust, with a secondary goal of creating interesting content for the Youtube football channel Slashfootball.

What we created

An Absolute Shocker – a tournament where the audience gets to zap the players with an electric current as they play a five-a-side game. We built the shock devices by hacking into 10 electric shock dog collars and used an Arduino Mega to hook up to 10 display buttons for the audience to press. Once a button was pressed and a player was zapped, lighting and sound effects were triggered. The audience was only allowed 6 zaps per player, per match, so they had to think strategically.

The Cool stuff

Using an Arduino Mega and MIDI connection, we hooked into the lighting and audio systems to trigger effects. Brave Bison also partnered with a video company, that streamed the event live on Facebook.

The results

A large amount of money was raised for Teenage Cancer Trust and the livestream video got over 200k views on Facebook.